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Chumby Antics

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I have been working at Chumby for a few months now. If you have never heard about Chumby – basically, it is a small squishy wifi-internet connected device with a touchscreen and some other nifty hardware features. So, I am around Chumby devices pretty often, obviously, since it is my full time job.

Sometime’s I goof off a little..

This is a video of a small application I made on the Chumby. You touch the screen, and a small blob of “lava” follows your finger around. You basically get the sense of smearing the blobs around the touch screen.


And this is a funny video of a Chumby with two USB dogs humping it.


Written by caustik

September 15th, 2007 at 7:42 pm

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  1. At least the “dog won’t hump USB port A” bug is fixed!


    15 Sep 07 at 8:02 pm

  2. bunnie seems not too happy to see his baby loose virginity


    15 Sep 07 at 9:29 pm

  3. OMG I just LOL’d so hard.


    19 Sep 07 at 3:43 pm

  4. Chumby porn, lol.


    21 Sep 07 at 6:29 pm

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