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Guild Wars 2 + F.lux

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There’s an awesome utility called F.lux which automatically tweaks your monitor colors throughout the day, to make your display easier on the eyes. The problem is, it doesn’t work with fullscreen games, by default.

Luckily, there is a cool utility called Color Clutch which was created as a way to get around the fact that Windows desktop color calibration doesn’t apply to DirectX fullscreen mode. It accomplishes this using function hooking, so it won’t work for all games (games with strict anti-cheat detection will get a false positive on it).

To get this working, just download Color Clutch from the website above. Create a batch file with contents like this (you will need to use the correct paths):

inject.exe "D:\cclutch\cclutch_ix.dll" patch "C:\Program Files (x86)\Guild Wars 2\gw2.exe"

Now, just run that batch file when you want to launch Guild Wars 2.

If the game you want to use F.lux with is using a different version of DirectX, you’ll need to modify the batch file to point to a different version of ccluch_*.dll – easy enough.

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August 31st, 2012 at 3:47 am

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to provide this guide for getting f.lux to work on my fullscreen game client. It’s up and running on my end(modified with correct paths and all) and running smoothly. <3

    Only thing I've noted is I can't use the auction house at all. Any attempt to bring up the AH pane crashes the game client. I'm just wondering if this is normal behavior or am experiencing an oddity and missing something on my end?

    For reference this is my modified script:

    "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Guild Wars 2\cclutch\inject.exe" "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Guild Wars 2\cclutch\cclutch_ix.dll" patch "F:\Guild Wars 2\Gw2.exe"


    26 Apr 13 at 10:23 pm

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