McDonalds officially unveiled yet another new flavor of McFlurry this weekend. The latest addition to the McDonalds menu combines the popular McFlurry dessert with the salted and smoked meat from the back and sides of a pig.

Executive Vice President Claire Babrowski says “We were just looking for something new. We wanted to combine dessert and breakfast, and I think we accomplished that.”


7 thoughts on “Bacon McFlurry

  1. oops deleted the wrong one. i was trimming off some spam posts, must have caused some collateral damage by mistake. wordpress does not have a restore deleted posts option that i can see.


  2. Haha,

    well.. at least I don’t see any spam either! 😀 , doesn’t wordpress have a anti-spam sort of thing like captcha or something?



  3. Turn on the ‘Askimet Spam’ filter.

    Anyway, I know this is a joke. I hope this is a joke. That being said, I admit, bacon and Ice Cream could be good.

    Hot and Cold has gone well in the past with ice cream and hot fruit, cake, and other things.

    I realize most things usually mixed with ice cream are nice and sweet, but you never know how something tastes until you try it.


  4. I actually had a McDonalds make me one in Pennsylvania, it was awesome.They didn’t know how to enter it in the cash register!


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