My start into the emulation scene, and hacking/coding in general, was greatly centered around the original NES game system. So, when I decided to start producing a series of mixes, I decided it was appropriate to name them after the audio processing unit on the 8-bit NES : “APU”.

So, here is the first installment of what will likely be a series of 10-20 mixes. (Right click, Save As)

Caustik – A.P.U. – 001.mp3

Although half of the fun is being surprised by each track, and trying to guess what tracks they are, I have made a .cue file which details all of the tracks in this mix:

Caustik – A.P.U. – 001.cue

Hope you enjoy it..!

2 thoughts on “APU 001

  1. Caustik…. this name. this is the name of one of the best programers during the “emulator revolution”… You’re a legend, do you know? Yes. You’re in the fourth place of the “best emulation world programers list”.
    1- The first shadowman (unknown name)
    2- shadowman pitch, “the genuine”
    3- Jabo, “the great”
    4- Caustik, “the creator”
    I am a shadowboy. My programer name is Runo. I´m 13 years old, but I love the pc’s world and I know C++ programation. I made hack’s on a game (jazz jackrabbit 3D) and now, IF YOU WANT, I’m asking for CXBX emulator source code to continue it. My father was a shadowman. He helped in pj64 and snes9x. Now I want to proceed in the vast world of the emulation! My e-mail is Please awser.


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