Since some folks have expressed interest in trying this bot for themselves, I decided to share the source code and binary 🙂

It’s not perfect, but you can tweak the source code (for example, changing how long rp_thread::sleep() is called, and where), and probably get some better performance. If you’re up for a challenge, you can also try to improve the code that decides on the next move! (if you do, it’d be great if you shared the changes!).

Anyway, here is the zip file. [ ]

The binaries are in the export directory. You will be asked for a “hWnd” (window handle), which can be found using the program “Spyxx” which comes with visual studio.

163 thoughts on “autoblitz + source code

  1. I tested if you can run multiple games at once, with multiple autoblitz. It works! I had 4 of them open all at once. It’s pretty entertaining to leave them running, and you multiply your chances at a high score!


  2. Excellent application, i like it when people comment their code. Good job Caustik, I’m going to have a meddle with it and see if i can contribute to this already superb little toy.


  3. Firstly, I just wanted to say a big ty to Caustik because this is AWESOME and everyone else who has posted software names etc…

    Also, I was wondering if anyone had any changes in the code that have made a big difference? Any help muchly appreciated.


  4. Is it me, or does the recent blitz changes made the app perform poorly (strugglng to get over 100K now 😦


  5. autoblitz to connect but its just clicking 2 or 3 gems and thats it no matches zero points any help please i have tried IE and Firefox


  6. i am 32bit and still the same problem just clicks 2 or 3 gems and doesn’t start a new game when it ends


  7. Caustik any chance you could write a tweaked script for the new bejeweled score screen. As it is now, the bot won’t restart a 2nd (and subsequent) games because there is a score spread now (which i assume messes with where it used to click for new game)


  8. Thanks for the bot, I sometimes have a problem of it thinking that orange is yellow and visa versa. I also have to manually start most of the games. It has autostarted like 5 times.

    186k and rising.


  9. I hope everyone realizes that the changes made to Bejeweled Blitz that have broken the auto-restart part of the bot(specifically the point chart at the end of the game) are most likely being used to track bot usage like this one. I would not be surprised if the point tracking data is/will be analyzed for unusal, non-human like patterns (like too many matches too fast, sustained large speed bonuses among others).

    While I may admittedly be a little paranoid, I have stopped using the bot to ensure nothing happens to my account.


  10. Thanks for your great work.
    Do we have any newer update for this code? Like giving power gem and multiplier higher priority .


  11. dc i doubt they would go around throwing a ban hammer. at the worst they would take you off popcap games but not facebook itself. also, the bot preforms worse than the best humans (not to take anything awya from the bot, as it works amazing) so it wouldnt make sense for them to ban


  12. Wow @ the comments here.

    Mr. caustic, have you tried using FindWindow to automatically find the window handle?

    I wrote a bot for Bejeweled Blitz myself – it can score over 300,000 points. Check the YouTube link (click my nickname) if you’re interested.


  13. Okay, thanks to Caustik for making this superb little bot!

    Want to have some serious fun though???

    If you run the unlimited game timer + this bot it is just fun to watch…nevermind the massive points!

    Go to and get the Bejeweled Blitz hack. Watch the video to see how to start it (quite simple though).

    Then use Winspecter to get the HWND from the app. Then run autoblitz!


  14. CyberShadow, your bot looks really cool, nice work!

    This was really just a one day project for me, so I probably won’t be updating it anytime soon.

    Looks like there’s a fair number of other bots and cheating programs out there for this game, if you’re really interested in cheating go check those out. This one was really just for fun.


  15. No, I developed it completely independently 🙂 You can check my Facebook page where I posted my progress (the first version got me over 150K, and I kept improving it). I’ve seen a few other bots, but none of them would calculate more than one move in advance, and thus still weren’t able to beat any records. And I know you can cheat dirtily and get absurd points if you mess with the flash file and HTML page, but that wasn’t my goal 😀


    1. CyberShadow, I saw your source code listed, but I seriously have no programming knowledge! I downloaded Delphi 6 hoping I could just copy and past the source code, but that does not work.

      How do I turn your source code into something usable? Any chance of sending me a complete file? My email is

      BTW, I am really just fascinated with it, while my friends have no idea I’m cheating I take my score with a grain of salt, it’s not really me!


      1. The reason I only released the source code is because it’s likely that the compiled program won’t run as-is on other computers. A difference such as another Flash version could cause the program to break entirely, and I don’t really have the time to debug it on everyone’s computer. I released the source code for people who have the knowledge to tweak and play with it.


      2. Also, that source code file is complete and doesn’t require any external libraries, so it should compile fine. I don’t know what you meant by “it doesn’t work”… To get you started, you shouldn’t try to replace the contents of a new VCL project’s unit with the source code, but rather try opening the .dpr file by double-clicking it and compiling that.


  16. Hi CyberShadow, your program is nice. Caustic, your program is genius and I was able to get it running very well. Thanks for your hard work. I have a question: I am wondering what program you can use to check coordinates in reference to bejeweled blitz? I simply want to change coordinates to the new “play again” button. Thanks, and I hope you do not mind me asking a question to CyberShadow.

    Cybershadow: I am having an issue with your bot. The one problem I am having is with the colors. The program does not seem to detect the game running because it cannot detect the color values defined on line 59:

    if (Scanlines[Y]^[X] and $FFFFFF=$6b83b5) and (Scanlines[Y]^[X+1] and $FFFFFF=$6176ac)

    I am wondering what these colors correspond to on your system? Do they correspond to the upper-left and lower-right corners of the game screen? Is it supposed to work when the game is at the start game portion, running portion, ending portion, or anytime? (if it was the last one, I would guess that the colors correspond to the very narrow bluish type border, which might make sense because that is the only thing that really stays constant throughout all phases of the game). I think they changed the colors or they are different from mine. Could you pinpoint what these colors correspond to?

    Thanks guys!


  17. i have tried everything to get the bot to work and all i get are the initials for the colours and currant game board can you help plz


  18. CyberShadow, thanks for the link to your site and code. I know you have many people wanting you to tell them how to make it work. I am one of those, I have so far downloaded, compiled and attempted to bug check it, the area I am failing on is mouse movement, the app see the game board and the correct colors but it wont do any moves, I see no errors even when I run the code in debug. I used Turbo Delphi 2006 with .net v1.1. Im not asking you to fix it I just need help/pointers as I am not a coder, Im an Engineer ! lol



    ps. caustik your bot got me to 180k thanks 🙂


    1. The bot doesn’t do anything until you tell it to start playing. I was hoping that the following line of code in the main loop to be self-explanatory enough:
      if (GetKeyState(VK_MBUTTON)0) then
      So, hold down your middle mouse button (preferably not over the actual play area).

      P.S. I made a userscript which adds a toolbar with some buttons to play with, check out the link on my nickname. Also, I think we should move discussions related to my stuff over to the YouTube comments or something, I’m not sure mr. Caustik appreciates me taking over his blog comments like this 🙂


      1. Oops, the blog software ate a part of that line of code (because it had “less than” and “greater than” symbols), but that doesn’t change the gist of it.


  19. Simple Question: Is there a version that will work on Mac??

    I run it on my Vista fine 🙂 But just wondering if there is a version for mac, or how to get it working on my macbook pro??

    Thanks in advance :))


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