Fractal Music Composition?

I noticed one of the limiting factors in producing my own original electronic music tracks was my lack of the ability to generate a real melody.

So, I did an experiment where I took an existing Mozart Sonata, ripped out a simple progression, and created a simple track around that progression. The result is pretty interesting: Download MP3.

In addition to this, I read up a bit on chord progressions, and came up with a simple note progression and then build on top of that in a fractal fashion, and came up with this result: Download MP3.

It is interesting how fractal in nature music really is. From synthesizing sounds, to creating a melody, to creating a song with transpositions on that melody, to generating a mix of various songs — the principles remain very similar.

* Update: I was pretty hooked on this fractal concept, so I went ahead and created another track: Download MP3.

FruityLoops track – “Frogstorm”

FruityLoops - Frogstorm

Still experimenting with FruityLoops. I’ve learned a good deal about Sidechaining and ducking. I’m fairly satisfied with the over-all sound of the instruments blending in this track. Usually when listening to a track, one may not realize the amount of engineering effort that goes into a professional quality track. It is difficult to keep the instruments blended without interfering with one another.

That said, I am not exactly at professional level yet. But it’s good fun to learn, and in time it’ll get there.

Caustik – Frogstorm.mp3

Little melody, just for kicks

I put together a goofy little track, just for kicks…

I was experimenting with building a melody on top of a bassline, cut from the intro of the track “Basic Conversation” by “Unoccupied”, and tempo adjusted using Ableton to work as a loop inside FL. The instruments were made using a Subtractive Synth called Sytrus, and the simple 3x Oscillator generator inside FL.. enjoy the randomness.,

Melody 01.mp3