Mini-Mix 011 (2010.02.20) [Trance]

01. Ashley Wallbridge – Melodies (Original Mix)
02. Andy Moor, Lange – Stadium Four (Original Mix)
03. Arctique – Kyana (Mat Zo Remix)
04. Alexander Polyakov – Ascension (Original Mix)
05. Young Parisians Feat Ben Lost – Jump The Next Train (Vadim Zhukov Remix)

More trance fun

Mini-Mix 010 (2010.02.07) [Tech House]

UPDATE: decided to free up space on soundcloud by removing this mix, sorry!

01. Matteo DiMarr – Drumbotto (Original Mix)
02. Nicky Romero – My Friend (Original Mix)
03. Jon Flores feat. David Rodrigu – Moovin (Original Mix)
04. Black Raw – Jetlag (Club Mix)
05. Funkagenda – H3lix (Original Club Mix)

The main point behind this mix was to try some Tech House mixing using my latest production tools. So there’s enharmonic mixing, sidechain compression during transitions, and use of the few mastering filters that no matter how much I hear them they don’t get old yet 😛 (e.g. bootsy’s amazing work, elephant, and har-bal).

Mini-Mix 007 [Trance]

01. M.I.K.E. – Salvation (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)
02. RST, Jared Knapp – Encompass (Tritonal Remix)
03. Andy Moor – Halcyon (Original Mix)
04. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia (Swing To Chunk Mix)
05. [loops back to 01]

loopable trance genre harmonic mix

Mini-Mix 006

01. Chakra – Love Shines Through (Martin Roth Dub Mix)
02. Sonic Division – Bulky Hero (Original Mix)
03. The Thrillseekers – Waiting Here For You (Night Music Edit)
04. Benassi Bros. – Rocket In The Sky feat. Dhany (Dub)
05. Duderstadt & Anita Kelsey – Smile (Duende Dub Mix)

Mini-Mix 005

Decided to create another ~30 min “mini mix” – nom nom Caustik – Mini-Mix 005 (2009.08.04)

01 – Hydro, SKC, Munk – Head First (Original Mix)
02 – Sub Focus – Rock It (Original Mix)
03 – Sub Focus – Follow The Light (Original Mix)
04 – London Elektricity – Just One Second (Original Mix)
05 – B-Complex – Beautiful Lies (Original Mix)
06 – Blu Mar ten – Believe Me (Original Mix)

Mini-Mix 003

I have recorded a new mix, using the Xone:3D mixer and Ableton Live software. This particular mix has lots of bass, so be sure to enjoy it on a speaker system with nice quality subs if you have one available. A good car stereo system, home theater , or set of high quality headphones will do the trick 🙂

Mini-Mix 003 Mini-Mix 003 : Download MP3

For anybody interested in technical details … I utilized something called Harmonic Mixing a lot in this mix. Basically that means taking the musical key of each track into consideration when creating transitions and selecting loops. Just like combining different keys on a piano will make different chords, combining loops in a similar fashion makes for a much more coherent mix.

I’m really just scratching the surface of harmonic mixing, but the results in my mind are pretty clearly an improvement. When mixing without regard for musical key, instruments tend to clash in subtle ways. Being conscious of the keys of your tracks, and choosing them carefully, is a very valuable heuristic for making a smoother mix.

Mini-Mix 002

Further evidence as to how addicted I am to Ableton Live – I put together a short (~35 min) mix of some electronic tracks I have been listening to the past few days. This mix was put together pretty quickly, so the style may be noticeably different than my APU mixes.

Anyway, here’s the MP3: Mini-Mix 002 (08.30.2007).mp3