Sprites application, with source code


I’ve put together a new site, with a forum and source code, for my goofy sprites program:


The project has ended up being a good demonstration for using node.js to host a server for C++ clients. The sprites program uses a node.js server to automatically pair up anyone running the program, so sprites you throw off either side, top or bottom, of your desktop are thrown onto another person’s desktop. The network topology is generated by the server using a novel match-making algorithm. It’s pretty fucking cool, actually.

There have also been a great deal of Windows programming nuances to get the layered window animations working smooth as butter. The whole thing is optimized to perform well with over a hundred sprites at a time. This is done via caching all the animation data, deferring window repositioning, synchronization with DWM refresh, and other techniques.

Anyway, download it, install it, register for the forum and give some feedback IF you don’t mind. It’s a very young project and really benefits a lot from feedback and people trying it out.

If you happen to be the first person to see this blog post and install it, you have the unique opportunity to flood my desktop with a metric ton of Mario sprites. Otherwise, you still have the opportunity to flood some random other person’s desktop, but just be prepared to expect the same in return 😛


Where’s caustik?

Geesh haven’t updated this blog in a while. I’ll do this mini update at least..

Took a new job at opencandy (some really cool stuff in the pipeline there!), still pushing out DJ mixes here and there over at my soundcloud page (caustik’s sound cloud). Create a soundcloud account if you haven’t got one already and make sure to add me =)

Every once in a while I’ve been working a bit on this app that lets you create sprites that can walk around your desktop and interact with your windows and each other. Here’s a little screenshot. It’d be cool to talk with some of the guys who run sprite repository web sites and get a bunch of characters created =)

Here’s the latest build. Just drag and drop an .spr file or any image file on the executable and it should drop on your desktop. You can drag and throw them around, and you can click the sprite/image and press left/right/up/down/space to move it around. It’s fairly basic right now, but the plan is to make them able to walk around by themselves and interact more, etc.


oh, and double click to exit. if you drag and drop a bunch of them, they all open in one instance and double clicking on one will close them all. have fun =)

Fix for multiple monitors with fullscreen games

There’s a pretty annoying issue that happens in windows when you are playing a game in fullscreen on one monitor, and have a second (or third, fourth) monitor with other stuff open on it. If your game is playing at a resolution that is different than your normal desktop resolution on that monitor, everything gets all moved around on the other monitors.

To fix this, I wrote a tiny utility program which you can run before you start the game, and it fixes this behavior by calculating what the correct location should be for all your windows and moving them there. It’s useful if you like having IM windows open, notes or a web browser, etc. You can’t interact with those programs while you’re in the game, but at least you can *see* them (for example, if you have a strategy guide or map, etc open)

Of course, I’m not responsible for any damage this program does to your computer. I’ve tested it a fair amount, but it’s entirely possible somebody with an unusual setup could find a situation where you may lose a program’s window due to it being positioned in the wrong place.

Let me know if this is useful, I’ll try to improve it and turn it into a proper project.



Parallel Intervals 002 [Techno]

Parallel Intervals 002 [Techno]

01. Spiriakos, Steen – DC (Original Mix)
02. Jean Simon – Berreando La Cometa (DJ Cristiao Remix)
03. Josh Love – Red Hants (Original Mix)
04. Jan Waterman – Retro Modernized (Original Mix)
05. Odessa SoundFreaks – Nachos (Original Mix)
06. Nikola Vujicic – Fresh Sound (Original Mix)
07. Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao – Hot Stu (Original Mix)
08. AudioKlinik – Hustle and Bustle (Fer BR Remix)
09. Noisebud – Fuckin Vacation (Roce Remix)
10. Alexey Kotlyar feat. Robbie Sommers – Your Secret (Scared)
11. Jeff Only – Rhythm Connection (Original Mix)
12. Spiros Kaloumenos – Wireless (Original Mix)

May 2010 DnB Pulse

01. Logistics – Warehouse (IllSkillz remix)
02. Tantrum Desire feat Cabbie – Failure To Engage (Original Mix)
03. Jubei ft. S.P.Y. – Project 1 (Original Mix)
04. Dephzac – We Are Together (Original Mix)
05. The Square – Everything Disappears (Original Mix)
06. Sensai and Heist – Interrogate (Original Mix)
07. DJ Marky & SPY – Fang Face (Original Mix)
08. Netsky – Memory Lane (Original Mix)
09. Netsky – Your Way (Original Mix)