There was some amount of activity in a private branch in the Cxbx project recently..

I have been talking to a developer, Martin, who has spent some of his extra time fiddling with Cxbx. He was able to get some teaser screenshots from Battlestar Galactica. The game displays the menu, and even some in-game. I won’t get into too many details, but here are a couple screenshots.

Battlestar Galactica - menu 2 Battlestar Galactica - menu 3

Battlestar Galactica - in-game (fullscreen) Battlestar Galactica - in-game (windowed)

I have not started to work on Cxbx on a regular basis — but I think this progress is very motivating, and it is tempting me to boot back up my development setup and take another look after a very long absence.

Many thanks to Martin for the contributions and for allowing me to post about his progress. Cheers.

77 thoughts on “Cxbx Progress

  1. to wait for months CAUSTIK’S put him to win this project … : D thanks to all those working on it … bye


  2. Things have slowed down a bit because we’re just busy IRL. I’m trying to move back to the west (closer to Caustik actually!) and that requires alot of attention. I got to work on this 2 days ago, but nothing major.


  3. Hello my friend, excuse for my bad English, please no stop tre CXBX projectthe, xbox has many good games, SOUL CALIBUR 2, DEAD OR ALIVES, BLOODY ROARS, ….
    GOGOGO CXBX ^^ thanks


  4. Hello. I’m a portuguese man, and my english it’s not much good.

    CxBX it’s a great program, and i think this project should move forward … I liked playing GTA IV in my pc with this program ;P


  5. Hey, I’m a Computer Engineering student and would like to get in on CXBX, as I love the xbox and would like to be able to play the games on my PC. Please contact me, anyone working with Caustik on this project, I would love to help. Hope to hear back soon 🙂


  6. Hey why am i not abled to start fifa street 2 with this emu? even with dxbx i am not abled to run it 😦 😦 😦 please help me.


  7. I can not find the .xbe file. I am running with the original CD, and the only thing that I appear for video files are


    I need help …

    sorry for my bad english, but i’m a portuguese ;P

    Michael Phelps olé ;p


  8. I want to give a hand but unfortunately are not practical about these things ….
    Guys beg you do your best I’m looking forward to being able to play Oddworld: Munch Odysee

    endless thanks to the creators dell’emulatore and thanks for having started this project I only regret not being able to help…

    sorry for my bad english hope you can understand


  9. Pois é …. isso tá andando ainda ?………ou ta parado , quando vamos ter uma atualização de jogável……?????????? Sei que você não vai entender nada porque sou brasileiro.. e tava com preguiça de colocar tudo isso em inglês…


  10. hello i am tryng to run yu gi oh dawn of desteny but when i do it says yu gi oh dawn of desteny but when i prest start it shows a black screen then it says not responding and nothing hapend enyone can help me with this ? or tell me when the next version is coming and will it be aible to run yu gi oh


  11. This keeps showing LDT Changing error. What can I do?
    OS : Windows 7 Beta build 7100 (x64)

    Detailed error:
    Emu (0x950): Recieved Fatal Message ->

    Could not set LDT entries


    can’t Wait Until It Comes!!!
    I Wish This Could FULLY Run Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee For Xbox! 😀
    Keep Going With The Good Work Man! 😉


  13. Ninja Gaiden dragon sword and ninja gaiden black for xbox bolth work on cbox just follow instuction and be willing to dig out xbe with whatever means nessasary Ie iso exstraction tool not listed get rid of google if your searching for xbox original mod I use Copernic as a reall search engine they do not black list and filter you internet keeping quiet for now cbox needs a contribution site I used some of there code along with gearbox and magic iso with driver mods from xbox firmware glitchy gitchy goo but it works


  14. Oh and cbox does work on 64 bit vista use compatibilty 32 bit control panel option turn off user control and the ninja gaiden sigma is a version of the xbox 1 ps3 is a joke


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