Discovered a powerful heuristic for track selection which helps you to find track combinations that “work” very well together. “Mixing in key” is a fairly popular method for track selection. Basically you want to find tracks that are “compatible” in a musical way. I’ve found that following the circle of fifths either clockwise or counterclockwise, always skipping 3, leads to some really astonishing results.

Here’s an experiment, using counter-clockwise circle of fifths traversal on the song keys. Note that some tracks end in a different key than they start, so you always have to take that into account.

4 thoughts on “3 x Fifths

  1. Check out “” — If you were on, say, “6A”, you might go counter-clockwise by 3, moving to “2A”.


  2. Thanks for the info. I reread this with a clear mind and it makes sense. I actually do stuff like this all the time, but more on gut feeling than so mathematical. I like it this way better. Gives it a little theory…


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