At about 9pm last night, we spontaneously decided to drive up to Avalon, Hollywood to catch Hybrid. It was absolutely worth it, and then some.

The entire set by Hybrid was virtually perfection. The bass had to be hitting a 5 on the richter scale, literally. There were moments when you would physically feel sick from the bass, but you’d stay on the dance floor anyway because it was just too awesome.

Probably the only set I’ve witnessed that could compete with the first 30 minutes of Hybrid’s set is a performance by John 00′ Flemming at a rave last year. It’s pretty much physically impossible to not dance. I think the floor actually vibrates you into dancing against your will if you attempt to resist

We got home around 5:30am, and I was still awake enough to put together an interesting tweaking experiment. Hard to describe *exactly* what I was experimenting with, but it was basically piping multiple tracks to a 3rd channel, and applying EQ sweeps and delay FX, along with tweaks on the Xone’s HPF/LPF.

I cut the recording off shortly after the first completed transition, as it was certainly sleepy time!

Caustik – Experiments – tweaking1

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