Over a month ago, I ordered online a MacBook Pro. I was all excited because all you ever hear is apple fans yelling how much they love their Mac, and what a great company Apple is.

Well, I’ve concluded that’s all a load of crap. After sitting on the phone 4 separate times for a combined AT LEAST 6 hours, being forced to walk through a full reinstall not once but 3 TIMES, I was then told to bring the laptop into the store.

After bringing the laptop into a store, they forced me to sit through them doing ANOTHER REINSTALL. That made 4 reinstallations. Each previous one has failed. Why are they doing it again?

So a week passes, and I call back the store. The girl on the phone is at a complete loss as to why it hasn't been fixed yet. She says "Yeah, usually we get repair components in every day, so I don't know what's taking so long". Great. Well, it's good to know that "usually" it takes a day. That doesn't help me.

So I've paid my $2000+ well over a month ago, and I still do not have a working laptop. Even worse, I don't even have a paper weight because they still have the thing.


3 thoughts on “Apple = Fail

  1. Do some mail bombing. I had a similar problem with my Sony Ericsson cell phone and I received a new one + presents + the old one repaired.

    Here’s how you do it:

    Find out what an Apple employee mail address looks like (name.surname@apple.com perhaps?). Find out the names of some people high up on the corporate ladder (CFO and downwards for example). Mail them with a complaint letter that is polite yet firm.

    Usually, the higher ups don’t like getting complaints, so they get a lackey to fix the problem ASAP to get rid of the whole thing. The result is usually swift resolution of the problem + benefits.


  2. Wow. I have ordered BTO items from Apple before, but never a laptop. I guess this shows me to avoid that like the plague, as they can’t/won’t just swap it out and re-install the other components when there is a failure.

    I am very sad to here this, as OSX is quite nice. 🙂

    — Sander


  3. Hmmm, I was planning on getting a MacBook too. I only need it for iPhone dev. Other than that, I really don’t have use for the Mac so much except for programming cross platform games. So far, VMware is working just fine (without the sound though).


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