Alright folks,

If you love breaks, or if you haven’t yet found that you do, bite into this — the Royale with cheese of mixburgers! šŸ™‚

01) Nick Thayer – Scrambler (Original Mix) [Passenger]
02) Far Too Loud – Shredder (Original Mix) [Funkatech Records]
03) Ctrl Z – The Tunnel VIP feat. Screwface (Original Mix) [Hardcore Beats]
04) Hyper – We Control (Original Mix) [Kilowatt Records]
05) Dopamine – Hold You (Original Mix) [TCR]
06) Rob Le Pitch – Twisted (Tom Real and Rogue Element Remix) [Passenger]
07) Alex Dolby – Hazy Way (Evil Nine Remix) [Mantra Vibes]
08) The Breakfastaz – The Pressure (Aquasky Mix) [Passenger]
09) Meat Katie – NuTron (Original Mix) [LOT49]

[ Download MP3 ]

9 thoughts on “August 2009 Classic Breaks Mix

  1. Ah, gotta love breaks. I really enjoyed your Breaks Pulse, and now this! Great songs!

    I’ve gone through your whole blog and downloaded/listened to nearly all of your mixes. What are some other blogs that feature mixes in the same way you do (electronic music)? I simply can’t get enough!


  2. Hey Ian – thx for listening, glad you got some enjoyment out of the mixes.

    My favorite site for mixes is — the featured artists (Hybrid, Jody Wisternoff, Shiloh, Micah, etc) are really incredible. For breaks mixes, I recommend older Hybrid mixes. Their new stuff is great, too, but they used to spin lots of great breaks.


    1. Ah, Hybrid. I’m pretty familiar with them. When you mean their older mixes, are you talking about the songs on Wide(r) Angle? Songs like Kill City, Beachcoma, If I Survive, etc definitely fit the description.

      Anyway, I better check out!


  3. Their tracks are great, too, but I’m referring to the DJ mixes hosted on My old favorites are BBC 6 Mix, Ministry of Sound, Avalon Coast 2 Coast, DJ set at buzz… šŸ™‚ — those mixes have some of their own tracks in them, but also awesome breaks by other artists.


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