Micro-Mix 006 (2010.03.07) [Multi-Genre]

01. Owen – Leviathan (Original Mix)
02. Vinny Troia – Flow feat. Jaidene Veda (Neil Kolo Dub)
03. The Green Man – Infinity 2.0 (Dub Version)
04. Massimo De Maria – Mujeres de Lunares (Original Mix)
05. Francesco Demegni – Indulge (Original Mix)

Xone:3D – Micro-Mix 001

This is my first live recording of a mix on my Xone:3D. This mix is intentionally very short for two reasons:

1. It is bite-sized! Sometimes you want to check out a mix, but you don’t have an hour or two to dedicate to listening.

2. I’m still pretty new with my Xone:3D, so the shorter the mix is, the less likely I will screw up the mix 🙂

So this is a pretty good showcase of basic mixing on a Xone:3D. The transitions are done primarily using the EQ and High Pass Filters (HPF). The Xone filters have an amazing clean sound, and since sliding the HPF on slowly filters out the bassline, it is a great transition tool when switching up a bassline.

Micro-Mix 001.mp3 (~15 minutes)