This is my first live recording of a mix on my Xone:3D. This mix is intentionally very short for two reasons:

1. It is bite-sized! Sometimes you want to check out a mix, but you don’t have an hour or two to dedicate to listening.

2. I’m still pretty new with my Xone:3D, so the shorter the mix is, the less likely I will screw up the mix πŸ™‚

So this is a pretty good showcase of basic mixing on a Xone:3D. The transitions are done primarily using the EQ and High Pass Filters (HPF). The Xone filters have an amazing clean sound, and since sliding the HPF on slowly filters out the bassline, it is a great transition tool when switching up a bassline.

Micro-Mix 001.mp3 (~15 minutes)

7 thoughts on “Xone:3D – Micro-Mix 001

  1. Hey Caustik, I got a chance to listen today while I was working. Very smooth transitions; I didn’t even notice them while I typed. What’s the opening melody from? Catch up with you soon.


  2. The opening ~30 seconds are from “Muir’s Stereo Club Mix” of Digweed’s “Gridlock”. I only used the intro, because I preferred the track “Nu Sensation” to the rest of Gridlock mix. I haven’t heard the original Gridlock track to compare the two though.


  3. Hey caustik, seem you are getting better with the xone! the transitions are very smooth, it is a great mix! how are things in SD?


  4. Thanks! I am messing around with the LPF now. Seems like a nice smooth way to bring in a new bassline. I’m having fun using the HPF on one track and the LPF on another. Makes for some interesting transitions. I hope you can make some time to put a couple tracks together, would love to hear it.


  5. Ahh… yes, the Stereo Club mix is main released mix; I don’t think there is an “original.” Although, I guess Digweed prefers the Stripped Down mix. Personally, I couldn’t avoid using the Stereo Club mix as the closer for my new mix. I’ve got to check Mini-mix 3.


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