APU 006

Aspecto – Revolution (Original Mix)
Aoo&ooA – Artillery (Original Mix)
R-Tem – Me T-R (Original Mix)
Sweeney & Stowasser – Move On (Original Mix)
Hiratzka & Kazell – In Your Eyes (Monkz Remix)
C.O.U. Muzik – The 9.30 Express (Sean McClellan Remix)
Aoo&ooA – Flying House (Original Mix)
Drive Dealers – Latrine (Original Mix)
Sweeney+Stowasser – Cognition Intermission (Original Mix)
Mat Zo – Rush (Original Mix)
Vosk – Night Dreams (Aoo&ooA Remix)
Santos – Try To Burn (Original Mix)

download – [ mp3 ] [ cue ]

APU 005

Caustik – A.P.U. – 005.mp3 (right click to download)
Caustik – A.P.U. – 005.cue (what is a cue file?)

Namito – Joujou (Martin Landsky Remix)
Delano Smith – Metropolis (Original Mix)
Dubfire – Ribcage
MOS – Emotional Distortion (Popof Remix)
Junk Science – Moodswing (Nikola Gala Remix)
Logiztik Sounds – Hyperfreak (Dousk Remix)
Drive Dealers – Latrine (Original Mix)
Fischerspooner – Just Let Go (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
Elite Force – Engine (Original Mix)
Muscles – Sweaty (Shazam Remix)
Deadmau5, MC Flipside – Hi Friend (Original Remix)

APU 004

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DW – Pillow feat Hannah (Discosynthetique & Miller Remix)
Tasadi, Mike Mikhjian – Zeus (Vadim Zukhov Remix)
DJ Polyakov PPK – Resurrection (VZ Remix)
Alex Young, Artech – Minimalesk (Original Mix)
Long Range – Just One More (Hybrid Mix)
V-Sag – Shakespearean Love feat Ukumori (Original Mix)

This mix starts out with a deep dark-ish DW track remixed by Discosynthetique & Miller, drops into the phenomenal and energetic “Zeus” track, followed by “Resurrection” which is one of my recent favorites.

After this, the mix crawls back down into the very dark and delicious “Just One More” Hybrid Mix, by way of “Minimalesk” — and tempo bends back out of the darkness into a nice V-Sag track “Shakespearean Love”.

The new technique of the week, which I used in every transition, is side chain compression between transitioning tracks. This, especially combined with EQ dodging, creates a back-and-forth rhythm between two tracks. Makes for some really interesting rhythm combination possibilities.

Interesting note — my intro into Pillow is taken from the scene in spaceballs where the huge space ship is slowly panning across the screen. Ran it through some reverb, resonance, and chorus FX and pitch altered.

The whole mix is mastered (the “easy” way) using iZotope Ozone 3, which is a phenomenal tool for mastering for those of us who haven’t spent 20 years learning how to do it the old fashioned ways.

APU 003

APU logo

Released the next edition of APU.

Lot of energy this time, and plenty of delicious dirty bass.

01: Johan Gielen – Revelations (Filterheadz Remix)
02: M.I.K.E. – Salvation (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)
03: Force Majeure – Out Of My Mind (Blake Jarrel And Jeff Devas Vocal Mix)
04: Roland Klinkenberg, Gery Menu – Shockadelic (Original Mix)
05: Mikael Jonasson – Chlorophyll (Original Mix)
06: Terry Grant – I’ll Kill You feat Jennifer Horne (Beaumont & Nathanial’s Substrata Remix)
07: Hipp-E – Major Waves (John Acquaviva & Oliver Giacomotto Remix)
08: Safi Connection – Absorve (Original Mix)
09: Way Out West – Killa (Orkidea Vs Dallas Superstars Mix)
10: Way Out West – The Fall (Richard Durand Remix)
11: Nick Sentience – Transcender (Original Mix)
12: Subsource – This Town (Hook N Sling Remix)
13: Cicada – The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix)

Caustik – A.P.U. – 003.mp3

Caustik – A.P.U. – 003.cue


APU 001

My start into the emulation scene, and hacking/coding in general, was greatly centered around the original NES game system. So, when I decided to start producing a series of mixes, I decided it was appropriate to name them after the audio processing unit on the 8-bit NES : “APU”.

So, here is the first installment of what will likely be a series of 10-20 mixes. (Right click, Save As)

Caustik – A.P.U. – 001.mp3

Although half of the fun is being surprised by each track, and trying to guess what tracks they are, I have made a .cue file which details all of the tracks in this mix:

Caustik – A.P.U. – 001.cue

Hope you enjoy it..!