Electro House Track: “EH1”

Finally got around to sitting down and producing an electro house track. The subjective components are typical to my flavor — deep rolling saw-based bassline, heavy kick, slapped snare, long builds leveraging primarily fifths (5 semitones), etc. The coolest part, though, is that my favorite sound effect in the world — the Wall-E voice — is used multiple times in the track 🙂 🙂

If you get a chance to listen, let me know what you think!

[ Download MP3 ]

Electronica Track: “Jaunt”


Here’s my latest attempt at a completed electronica track. This one is named in honor of a nice weekend of snowboarding.It’s always nice to mark a vacation by creating a custom track or DJ mix, so in the future when listening to it, you are reminded of all the fun you had on the trip. This one was put together using some very nice instrument loops by Jody Wisternoff, who is one of my favorite producers.

[ Download MP3 ]

Original Track – “Apollo”

For my birthday, two of the greatest human beings to grace this planet combined to get me some Pro-Tools gear. This gear came with some really great plugins, and they also work as VSTi instruments. This means that while I ramp up to Pro-Tools, I can use the plugins in an environment I’m already proficient with.

This evening while on my way home I heard a couple loops that inspired me to put together a track. So I put a track together using Ableton Live (with custom Operator instruments), AnalogFactory (VSTi), and some post-processing with Adobe Audition.

The track got named Apollo because apparently that is my Archetype. Also I believe Apollo was the god of Music? So at least that is nice.

apollo, god of music?
apollo, god of music?

Hope somebody finds this enjoyable, I think it turned out pretty nice.

Thx Rachel and bunnie!