For my birthday, two of the greatest human beings to grace this planet combined to get me some Pro-Tools gear. This gear came with some really great plugins, and they also work as VSTi instruments. This means that while I ramp up to Pro-Tools, I can use the plugins in an environment I’m already proficient with.

This evening while on my way home I heard a couple loops that inspired me to put together a track. So I put a track together using Ableton Live (with custom Operator instruments), AnalogFactory (VSTi), and some post-processing with Adobe Audition.

The track got named Apollo because apparently that is my Archetype. Also I believe Apollo was the god of Music? So at least that is nice.

apollo, god of music?
apollo, god of music?

Hope somebody finds this enjoyable, I think it turned out pretty nice.

Thx Rachel and bunnie!


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