I have recorded a new mix, using the Xone:3D mixer and Ableton Live software. This particular mix has lots of bass, so be sure to enjoy it on a speaker system with nice quality subs if you have one available. A good car stereo system, home theater , or set of high quality headphones will do the trick 🙂

Mini-Mix 003 Mini-Mix 003 : Download MP3

For anybody interested in technical details … I utilized something called Harmonic Mixing a lot in this mix. Basically that means taking the musical key of each track into consideration when creating transitions and selecting loops. Just like combining different keys on a piano will make different chords, combining loops in a similar fashion makes for a much more coherent mix.

I’m really just scratching the surface of harmonic mixing, but the results in my mind are pretty clearly an improvement. When mixing without regard for musical key, instruments tend to clash in subtle ways. Being conscious of the keys of your tracks, and choosing them carefully, is a very valuable heuristic for making a smoother mix.

8 thoughts on “Mini-Mix 003

  1. Just bought a XONE:3d and having a BITCH of a time getting the thing to work with Live – I’d be greatful for any tips you could offer. Am using it with an aluminium iMac under OS X 10.4 (not Leopard). My biggest questions are regarding the mapping:

    -What midi-map did you use? Do you know a good place to look?
    -The physics of virtual Ableton channel and mixer channel allocation are really tricky, how can you route the channels in ableton to the four mixer channels?
    -Cueing and using headphones is a complete mystery
    -Are you using “mixed in key’?

    I have made a lot of trial and error and wasted loads of time, it is quite frustrating as the forums at A&H as well as other sites only cover small bits, and there’s no getting started for owners that have had experience with say SL1200 and DJM’s…


    Don’t mean to whinge, I am really impressed to have found someone with a similar setup who has made a great mix. Hope to hear from you.


  2. I used the Ableton Template from A&H’s Xone:3D web site. This sets up the channels output to Xone, all the default MIDI, and the cues. Sounds like you really need this template. Check it out online http://www.xone.co.uk/.

    I am using “mixed in key” as a hint for what two songs will fit together. Seems to work pretty well – though you still gotta go through and test compatible songs and find the ones that really fit.


  3. When i downloaded this, I was here for XBOX stuff.
    This is really REALLY good. Its added to my tracks i listen to to keep me going at work.
    Have you considered working at this professionally?


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