August 2009 Classic Breaks Mix

Alright folks,

If you love breaks, or if you haven’t yet found that you do, bite into this — the Royale with cheese of mixburgers! 🙂

01) Nick Thayer – Scrambler (Original Mix) [Passenger]
02) Far Too Loud – Shredder (Original Mix) [Funkatech Records]
03) Ctrl Z – The Tunnel VIP feat. Screwface (Original Mix) [Hardcore Beats]
04) Hyper – We Control (Original Mix) [Kilowatt Records]
05) Dopamine – Hold You (Original Mix) [TCR]
06) Rob Le Pitch – Twisted (Tom Real and Rogue Element Remix) [Passenger]
07) Alex Dolby – Hazy Way (Evil Nine Remix) [Mantra Vibes]
08) The Breakfastaz – The Pressure (Aquasky Mix) [Passenger]
09) Meat Katie – NuTron (Original Mix) [LOT49]

[ Download MP3 ]

New live DJ technique (using free track samples)

You know how you can browse tracks on sites like, and you get to preview a portion of the track? Well, those previews are just MP3 files that are split from the full tracks. Each preview is usually about 2 minutes, and you can get the URLs for an entire genre via RSS feeds.

So, you can use the Firefox plugin “FlashGot” to automatically download all of the MP3 files that are referenced in the “Top 100” House music RSS feed on Beatport. Then, you can run them through key detection software to get musical key info on them all.

Once you have those samples and key information on them, it’s possible to mix them together live, without ever having listened to the tracks beforehand. Here’s a recording of me mixing 8 tracks in about 10 minutes with this style:

[ Download MP3 ]

It’s a lot of work to keep the mix going, since the samples are so small. I’ve been pretty much warping the tracks in real time, figuring out where the phrases are, getting them sync’d up, and timing the drops. There’s a lot of room for error if you lose concentration, or if you just happen to get a track that doesn’t line up quite right. So having an emergency fallback to save the mix in these bad scenarios would be good..

It’s an interesting technique, for one because it’s free to get these track samples. That saves a lot of money, considering each track is normally either 1.99$ or 2.49$.. — also, the speed of mixing is a lot faster, so it really helps you develop your mixing skills, and forces you to learn recovery techniques.

Probably more on this technique in the future!

Mini-Mix 005

Decided to create another ~30 min “mini mix” – nom nom Caustik – Mini-Mix 005 (2009.08.04)

01 – Hydro, SKC, Munk – Head First (Original Mix)
02 – Sub Focus – Rock It (Original Mix)
03 – Sub Focus – Follow The Light (Original Mix)
04 – London Elektricity – Just One Second (Original Mix)
05 – B-Complex – Beautiful Lies (Original Mix)
06 – Blu Mar ten – Believe Me (Original Mix)

Apple = Fail

Over a month ago, I ordered online a MacBook Pro. I was all excited because all you ever hear is apple fans yelling how much they love their Mac, and what a great company Apple is.

Well, I’ve concluded that’s all a load of crap. After sitting on the phone 4 separate times for a combined AT LEAST 6 hours, being forced to walk through a full reinstall not once but 3 TIMES, I was then told to bring the laptop into the store.

After bringing the laptop into a store, they forced me to sit through them doing ANOTHER REINSTALL. That made 4 reinstallations. Each previous one has failed. Why are they doing it again?

So a week passes, and I call back the store. The girl on the phone is at a complete loss as to why it hasn't been fixed yet. She says "Yeah, usually we get repair components in every day, so I don't know what's taking so long". Great. Well, it's good to know that "usually" it takes a day. That doesn't help me.

So I've paid my $2000+ well over a month ago, and I still do not have a working laptop. Even worse, I don't even have a paper weight because they still have the thing.


July 2009 Progressive House Mix

July 2009 Progressive House Mix [ Download MP3 ]

01 – Pryda – Melo (Original Mix)
02 – Riktam, Bansi – Green Space (Original Mix)
03 – Ozgur Can, AGS – Melodic Beat (Original Mix)
04 – Mossy – Deep Box (Original Mix)
05 – Paul Keeley – Doormatica (Original Mix)
06 – DBN – Asteroidz feat. Madita (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)
07 – Chris Lake, Marco Lys – Violins (Original Mix)
08 – Riktam, Bansi – Bass Master Zorro (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
09 – Serge Devant, Nadia Ali – 12 Wives In Tehran (Original Mix)
10 – Martin Roth – Verloopt In Berlin (Original Mix)

Seven Songs For Saturday

Caustik – Seven Songs for Saturday [Electronica]

1. PANTyRAID – Beba (Original Mix)
2. Freeland – Rock On (Original Mix)
3. Ada – Our Blindhouse (Each And Everyone) feat Socmis DJ (Original Mix)
4. The Rogue Element – In Place (Original Mix)
5. The Raveonettes – She’s Lost Control (Trentemoller Edit)
6. Moderat – Rusty Nails (Original Mix)
7. Caribou – Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)

[ Download 320kbps MP3 ]