EDC 2008 was a blast! We live in San Diego, and the event was in LA, so we had a couple hours of traffic on the way there. I just started using some new VST plugins, so it was the perfect opportunity to check out how they sound in a thumpin M3 car stereo. [download MP3]

Probspot – Blueberry (Peter Haze Remix)
Moonbeam – Consumption feat. Chris Lunsford (Original Mix)
Medway – The Bassline Track (Luke Chable Remix)
Retroid – Daybreak (The Emissary Remix)
V.F.R. – Tranceillusion (Luke Dzierzek Remix)
Sebastien Tellier – Divine (Danger Remix)

8 thoughts on “EDC 2008 – New Mix!

  1. I’m listening to the set now, I think its great. I love the filter sweeps. The xone is so smooth at creating them. I loved the remix of Fine Day. There was a mix that was a little hairy from one track to another but other then that it has been pretty near perfect.

    I’m interested in fractal / recursive music structures. I have a xone. I’m a full time coder. Seems like I’m your mirror image from Brooklyn. We have a lot of the same musical taste from the sets you have posted.

    Email me if you want me to send you my latest set. I haven’t been mixing much lately, I’ve really picked up producing lately.


    p.s thanks for the cygwin trick, i wish i knew that 2 years ago.


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